Top 6 Wedding Regrets to Avoid!

Want to avoid having wedding regrets??? Who doesn’t! Every married couple has regrets about their wedding. Some regrets are small and you’re easily able to move past them but others are larger, harder to get over and can even cause conflict.

Welcome to 2016. Everyone has access to the internet so they can Google how to plan a wedding and have access to countless checklists for everything they can imagine. Let’s face it; a lot of people have been planning their wedding (in their mind) for years but there are so many details to consider. Even the best Bride/Groom Planners will forget something or someone in the hectic span of the day.

Preparing for your special day takes a lot of work so we want to help you avoid these so you can focus on other details. Remember … other couples made these mistakes so that you didn’t have to. Here’s a list of the top regrets couples have after their wedding.

#1 Hair & Makeup Trial Photos

We know that paying for a hair and makeup trial can add to your wedding budget but we cannot stress enough how important it can be! Unless you’re familiar with your stylist and artist you don’t know their taste and you don’t know how your face will react to their makeup or how it will look.  One regret we hear many brides have is not taking good photos of their hair and makeup trial. I don’t mean that you need to breakout the iPhone and start a selfie session -- I mean bring a real digital camera with you and have your mother or Maid of Honor take shots from different angles using different lighting. They don’t have to be professionals but what you see in the mirror only happens on the day of your wedding. The pictures you take that day stay with you forever so wouldn’t you want to make sure the photographs look great as opposed to you liking what you see in the mirror??? You may have different opinions on both looks but working with a good, seasoned artist and stylist will allow you the opportunity to tweak things from both mirror and photograph images to give you the perfect balance. When you look back at the photos you don’t want to regret not spending the necessary time to get the trial right. And think of it this way, you’ll have these photos to add to an album you can create for your spouse to see all the torture (wink wink) you had to endure during the process that they didn’t have to participate in.  

#2 To hire a Videographer or not…

Do you want to watch my wedding video?”  has anyone ever asked you this as you cringe because lets face it, who wants to watch two hours of someone’s wedding when you lived it and were a guest at it? A lot of couples make their decision based on that or based on their budget. One regret we hear alot from our couple is how they should’ve bitten the bullet and hired one. Your wedding video is not about other people watching it; it’s about you as a couple watching it. Personally speaking from my own wedding experience I was against it because the thought of watching myself on video was cringe worthy! We were worried that we would regret not hiring one, so as a very last minute game time decision my fiancé and I decided to hire a family friend who happens to be a videographer. BEST DECISION we made! One thing couples forget is that your wedding day goes by SO QUICKLY. You’re also not able to be at all places during the wedding. When we watched our wedding video we were so happy to see guests dancing, guests that we didn’t get to spend time with. It was comforting to watch them enjoy themselves. You’re also able to see the true expressions you had that day. Photographs are amazing but you can’t always capture the feelings. In a video you can feel it. Don’t think of this as an expense, instead consider it an investment because it’s something you can cherish forever and share with your children and grandchildren some day.

 #3 Taking pictures with family members

As planners we advise all of our clients to create a “must shoot” list for the photographer. This list should contain all of the people you need to have photographs taken with. So if you have family coming from out of state, have all of your siblings in the same room or have a special person who means a lot to you, you don’t want the moment to pass and regret later that you didn’t get to take pictures with them. This is a perfect responsibility you can ask your wedding planner/coordinator to handle for you and can be added to your timeline. This way they can make sure to pull you aside at a specific time during the wedding to take these photos that mean so much to you.

#4 Can I have a moment??

There are so many things going on before and during a wedding so I always advise my clients to schedule time during their wedding day to take it all in and enjoy each other’s company for 10-15 minutes after the ceremony. This is one regret, as a planner, I don’t allow my clients to experience because at Dreamality Events we add this into every timeline we create. It’s so challenging to be in the moment during such an emotionally packed day. Taking that time allows you to get on the same page, regroup and prepare for the best evening of your lives. Savor the moment…you just GOT MARRIED!!! How amazing is that, all the hard work and money you poured into the wedding, you deserve a few minutes to be present and in the moment. My favorite location for this is in the reception room. It kills two birds with one stone. It allows you to see your design and vision come to life and allows you to see the room undisturbed. Once guests enter the room, the look is different. So taking the time to look at the room and spend some quality time with your spouse is a win win!

#5 To Drink or Not to Drink…that is the question!

So this is a tricky regret. Everyone knows their limit and it’s different for each person. We recommend you have a conversation with yourself and determine what your limit is ahead of time. Let your planner know so they can make sure you don’t drink over your happy limit. We all want to have fun at our wedding but drinking too much can cause so many unpleasant things to happen (loss of memory, blackouts, etc.). Believe me; you don’t want this regret after the wedding. Pace yourself and understand how you operate with alcohol. Drink enough to let loose and have fun but not so much you ruin it for yourself. And let’s face it ladies, using the restroom in a wedding dress is not that easy so the less you drink the better J

#6 Why didn’t I hire a planner???

 There are so many moving parts to a wedding. Why should you concern yourself with what time it is or if everyone is running on time? We get it … everyone thinks they can handle planning their own wedding and that may be true for some but one regret we hear all the time is … I should’ve hired a Month of Coordinator (also referred to as Day of Coordinator). As a couple about to get married you shouldn’t be worried about anything on your wedding day. Leave it to the professionals. You hire a photographer to take photos and a DJ to play music because that’s what they do, why not hire a professional to help keep everything organized??? Remember, planners have so much experience and have seen a lot of things happen so you’re able to learn from that experience and lessen the regrets you have after the fact. The number one concern for most couples when considering hire a wedding planner is that they’ll lose control of the wedding and that is so not true! A great wedding planner listens to what you want and need and communicates with you. Their job is to lessen your regrets as much as possible, not become a regret.  

So there you have it. Do some research and keep track of all the priorities you have for your wedding day. Make a list of the things you would regret if they did or didn’t happen (great list to pass along to your wedding planner/coordinator). Planning for this will only make your day so much more special. 

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