"Will you be my MOH (Maid of Honor)? Tips from an experienced MOH

This week we have our very first guest blogger!  Jasmin was very recently Maid of Honor at her sister's wedding and although elated at first to be given this honor, little did she know the madness she was walking into!  Jasmin joins us to impart some wisdom for those newly appointed MOH's on how to survive those crazy wedding planning months!

So your sister/best friend has finally gotten engaged! OMG you’re so happy it’s like he proposed to you!  Dress shopping, bachelorette parties, picking flowers – Oh the joys of co-planning a wedding… I absolutely love my big sister and her fiancé (now husband) and was elated beyond belief when she chose me to be her MOH-- BUT Little did I know that I was dealing with Bride and Groom Zillas. I survived the madness and so can you with some helpful tips:


1)   Remember it’s not about you – let me say that again…it’s not about you! Whether the bride has awful, tacky or just different taste, remember that she’s dreamed of this day her whole life and those bright purple dresses that make your stomach turn might be exactly what her dreams are made of.

2)   Communicate – you may not be heard through the madness but don’t keep anything bottled inside. Remember that they’re stressed out and may not know that they’re doing something wrong. Give them the benefit of the doubt and talk about what’s bothering you. The worst thing you can do is keep things inside with the potential to explode at the wrong moment (like the wedding day).

3)   Stay within your personal budget – The MOH definitely has some fiduciary responsibilities but remember you’re not the one getting married so stay within your budget and if the bride and/or groom want something out of your comfort zone ask for support from the rest of the bridal party or tell them it’s out of your budget. Be honest with them, they have probably have tunnel vision so bringing them to reality may be necessary.

4)   Play nice with others – some of the ladies your bride/groom has chosen may not be your favorite people in the world, however, nothing makes your bride happier than seeing her girls together having a great time and playing nice together. This is probably the hardest thing to do during the bachelorette party but it’s just one outing, you get out of it what you put into it.

5)   Finally, patience is definitely important in managing Bride and Groom Zillas – it does get better and they return to the normal people you know and love almost immediately after the madness.

When the vows are exchanged and the honeymoon is over you can breathe again and be proud of the wonderful memories you helped them create.


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