Top 5 reason why you SHOULDN'T hire a Wedding Planner

Not hiring a Wedding Planner??? We Understand! 

Here are our top 5 reasons NOT to hire a wedding planner: 

You have all the time in the world to create a detailed timeline for your wedding day. t only takes the experts upwards of 10 hours to create a good one ... what's 10 hours during the busiest time of your life?

Timelines are the most tedious aspects of planning a wedding. It just happens to be something we at Dreamality Events LOVE to do. Yes we have templates to use and we have a ton of experience creating them but EVERY wedding is UNIQUE so we approach each one as if we've never done a wedding before. Our timelines are customized to the couple and all the activities they have going on in the day. From what time the bridal party needs to wake up to the time the couple drives off in their limo. We include every aspect and make it as comprehensive as possible. We guarantee you will forget a ton of tiny details because you're so involved that it makes it difficult to think of everything. 

You enjoy being stressed out, I mean seriously who doesn't??

Everyone knows the minute you start planning a wedding your stress levels rise. You can be the most organized, detailed human being and you will still encounter stress. Hiring a planner helps alleviate some of the stress. We're here to bounce ideas off of, listen when you need an ear, help make final decisions when you can't decide and be your support when you need it most. Believe us friends and family can take but so much of the wedding talk while you're planning but not us. We're built for this, yes its our business but we actually love it so it doesn't make it work for us. 

You don't want to have fun at your own wedding. You only spent thousands of dollars on a wedding why should you enjoy it too?

Believe us when we say its virtually impossible to have a great time at your own wedding if you don't hire someone to help you that day. Some people think having their family and friends help out alleviates the pressure but then they don't have fun and why pay all this money for a wedding but your mother and best friend can't enjoy it. We understand its a cost you want to avoid but in the long run you will be so glad you hired someone to handle the details. We make sure your vendors show up on time, you wedding starts on time and we also make it our mission for you to have fun and spend as much time with your guests as possible. 

Your friend, who isn't a wedding planner, can handle all the planning and be a guest at the same time.  Who doesn't love a tipsy planner??

We can see it now ... your best friend says "of course I can help you that day" thinking they'll help you put your dress on or maybe fix your hair here and there. If they've never done it before its very likely that they have no idea what your needs will be for the day. Do they realize you might need someone to help you use the restroom? Or how about tell you when you need to run outside for some sunset photos? Everyone is a little antsy that day. Its usually an early day, everyone is in full hair, makeup and dress for 8+ hours and it gets tough by the time the alcohol starts flowing. Why risk your friendship, let your best friend have fun and celebrate with you instead of tending to you all day. 

You enjoy being pulled in multiple directions, answering questions and solving problems all at the same time! And what better day to do all this then on your wedding day?

That's where Dreamality Events comes in. We create the timeline and handle everything for you so you don't have to carry a watch or even your phone. We guide you throughout the day and make it as seamless as possible. Our team is on deck to make sure all the activities happen when they're supposed to while also allowing you time to have fun, dance and enjoy all the work you put into the wedding. When your bridal party and guests see us they know to ask us all the questions and leave you alone. Do you really want to be looking for the maid of honor and nest man right before they're scheduled to make a toast? 

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