Picking A Theme

Whether it is a party, a wedding or even a corporate event, choosing a theme will help you better envision what the style, decor and even the food will be like. Choosing a theme can help ease any frustrations you may be having with bringing your vision to life and can assist others, such as your event coordinator to better understand what you want to achieve. But how do you pick a theme suitable for your event and where do you start? We have some helpful tips and advice to get you on the right track.

Do Your Research

Chances are, you already have a location in mind for your event, or you have already booked it. Think about themes that would compliment your location. For example, if you are renting out a grand ballroom in a luxury hotel, a rustic theme will probably not play out as well as something more classically themed. You can also look for rental locations based on themes as well; if you are thinking about nautical themes, for example, look for restaurants, seaside hotels or even a moored ship for your event location.

Choose a Theme Based on the Season

 What is better than a magical winter wonderland without the freezing cold temperatures? Or how about escaping the long, cold winters with a luau or Polynesian themed event? Do not be afraid to choose a theme based on the season your event will be in, or one that is opposite! If you are having a fall event, consider a more spooky, Hallowe'en or harvest theme, or just incorporate the seasons different colors.

Always Consider Your Budget

 Some themes are relatively inexpensive to put together, especially when you can rely on the decor of your venue, but some require more effort and therefore, more money. Consider items you may have to rent, such as decorations, table linens, drinkware and more. If your theme is out of season, for example, a romantic rose-filled wedding reception, you may be paying premium prices for your flowers. Have a firm budget before you begin to consider a theme, and then choose one that will help, not hinder the budget you have set. 

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